You are great at making products and building neighborhoods - REVGEN wants to help you grow your community and economy.

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About Us

Supporting Your City

REVGEN is here to build a resilient future for you and your community.  We help communities prepare for economic and climate related obstacles by leveraging assets and taking advantage of national resources previously available to a limited clientele.

Combined Experience

REVGEN understands the social and financial reasons you love your community. Our backgrounds include experience and education in finance, technology, design, construction, architecture, social services and policy. 

Service and Reliability

REVGEN allows you to focus on what you do best - real estate, community and economic development - while we fill any gaps you may have in financial, human, physical, and social capital.


Bridge 1.0

Bridge 1.0 provides private virtual appointments with leading experts in all aspects of inclusive economic development. Do you want to invite a major business to your community, lower energy costs for all residents and small businesses in your area or increase investment in your  Renewal Communities,Empowerment Zone, Enterprise Communities or Opportunity Zone? We have the access you need.

Member Directory

REVGEN members have direct access to exclusive partners who can help you scale or expand your community's potential. Would you like to sell your locally manufactured goods around the country? Would you like to hire a MWD contractor to revitalize your block? Our curated directory is the answer for you.

Speaking Engagements

Whether you need to convince a neighborhood association, a youth group or your chamber of commerce, REVGEN has the leaders you need to get your amazing idea across to your audience and get them moving towards action. Our goal is to get your idea built so your community can continue to be healthy, safe and sustainable.

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Energy supply; technology; and access to jobs, food, water, education, health care, and housing are fundamental to improving the economic status of communities and transforming nations. We  strive to stay in communication with our clients. Have a question about  our business, or want to see if we match your specific needs? Send us a  message. We're always happy to connect with new customers!


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